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When To Use An Attorney Opinion Letter

An attorney opinion letter is a formal piece of advice or an expression of judgment. It’s based on a professional’s expert knowledge.

An opinion letter mostly refers to a document that contains an attorney’s understanding of the law.

Whether you want to avoid costly litigation or correctly navigate your way through a current lawsuit, you and your business must make the right choices. To make sound choices, it’s important to understand how the law applies to your circumstances.

When it comes to running a business, knowing how the law applies can make a big difference. An opinion letter can offer a specialized opinion, helping you stay on the right, and lawful, path for all your business endeavors.

Usually, an opinion letter is drafted at your request.


Understanding the Opinion Letter

The opinion letter is a formal letter drafted by an attorney. The aim is to verify the legal status of either you or your business.

Some situations that might require an opinion letter include:

  • Verifying a person’s lack of criminal status

  • Validating a company or organization

  • Statements on how a judge should rule on a legal matter

  • Suggestions for updating or creating a business’ actions receivable/collections practices

  • Analysis of licensing regulations and how they apply to a business

  • Advise on prevailing wage requirements for certain projects

  • Analysis of labor laws and how they relate to hiring and firing staff

  • Analysis of labor union regulations for certain businesses or projects

  • Advice for other legal issues your business faces

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