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Dangerous Property Condition

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Dangerous Property Condition

Any owner of property, public or private, has a duty to make sure that their property is safe. This means that one must make the necessary repairs or warn people of potential hazards to be compliant with the law. If you have been seriously harmed by a dangerous property condition, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.​

There are many dangerous property conditions that could cause a person to be injured. One of the most common dangerous property conditions on which people are injured is slippery conditions, such as a spill inside a business. Other dangerous property conditions could include:

  • Defective guardrails
  • Uneven pavement,

  • Bad lighting,

  • Improper security,

  • Falling objects,

  • Tripping hazards,

  • Poorly designed ramps or stairs,

  • Hidden hazards such as holes, a lack of guardrails, and cluttered walkways.


 If any of those conditions causes an accident, the property owner can be held responsible.

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